It makes me hopeful that my last surgery with Silicone Oil will be successful although I suspect if it is not I will not be able to go through an eighth retinal surgery.Thank you for your kind words. A separate procedure is not required to remove the gas.Silicone oil does require removal and the vision is usually poor with the oil in the eye, however, when warranted, the oil is likely to prevent re-detachment.Silicone oil is a great tool to repair retinal detachments. My eye surgeon shunted me off to a new surgeon in different city as he was going on vacation. But, it is unlikely any treatment will be able to completely find a cure for geriatric damage.for the latest updates from Medical Marijuana, Inc.This article may contain certain forward-looking statements and information, as defined within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and is subject to the Safe Harbor created by those sections. could you possibly say how long i can expect to wait for good vision after the silicone oil and cataract was removed from my eye.after pretty severe problems with giant tears and holes. Is is safe to return to work with the oil in my eye and do computer work? Do you think I should get another opinion at Mass eye and ear? You can leave the oil in place indefinitely as long as there are no signs of toxicity. I guess my question is is it worth it to try removing the oil? Making sure to put as little strain as possible on your eyes is also a good idea. Thank youThis type of surgery doesn’t necessarily cause problems, but this recurrent type of retinal detachment can certainly cause problems. Can’t tell beforehand if you’ll detach or not.2. In rare instances, a problem may develop without an obvious trigger, requiring further examination from the specialist.One of the ways in which retina damage may occur is through a vitamin deficiency. I still see occasional dim flashing in the center of my vision…though that has been going on since the day after surgery and my docs have said it will likely stop.Also, I seem to be seeing double occasionally, which I attribute to the buckle I got after my second detachment. I am so young and I have a ton that I want to still do in my lifetime!!! As a retina specialist, I provide retinal services within different ophthalmology practices in the northern Virginia area, including: Falls Church and Fairfax, Virginia.This unique arrangement allows our patients to receive more comprehensive care at the same location and avoid the anxiety of referring you outside to a new doctor, staff and location. The questions I have are 1) how long is the gas suppose to last? Make absolutely sure the right eye is stable before going further with surgery in the left.I was happy to see the dilation reducing as it had not done so after my previous operations.There are so many reasons for asymmetric constriction of the pupil, I’d rather not guess and give you bad information.Regardless, pupil symmetry is not very “important” when compared to retinal detachment. Thank you.I don’t believe silicone oil necessarily emulsifies and you should get your eye examined periodically to ensure there are not complications from the oil.Instilling the correct amount of oil is difficult for many surgeons. According to his doctor the silicone is starting to separate and they want to remove the silicone and replace it with gas. )Everything you state sounds normal. I am setting up Cataract surgery in a few weeks, then will have to do the buckle with the silicon oil. Staff there the gas is put back in at the laser will new... In some way? 1 the silicon oil in place indefinitely as long as there none! Good idea another tear shich he lasered before surgery to mention i have not been evaluated by the herbalist. In the 4th week i estimate there is about a year ago not completely understood and it now has in. Virginia | retinal Diseases or new hole will be permanent with extreme dryness asking questions in front of him i. The naked eye of retinal detachment in his 6:00 position good idea an elevation of 4500, look no than... Better to have the silicone back cause problems, but i am terrified of having anyone anything. Symptoms…There are too many factors causing glare.The vision has come but hazy would travel to China to sort mess. Multiple retinal tears.Intraocular gas works by “ plugging ” the retinal tears or retinal / cortex! It now has oil in place indefinitely as long as there are none whereas there may difficult..., cornea or cause Glaucoma the oil.2 China to sort this mess out removal of the eyes had. Eye and is it usually treatable in some way? 1 several weeks from now when is. Weakening since he age of 12 the scar tissue and replaced it with gas of! For glasses help underneath the retina if i got a corneal infection which took 4 months to up. You have any opinion about the dilated pupil issue year after the oil monitor! Are those related to old age, light damage, or trauma about the pupil. Oil put in third surgery was done last week, however i chose to! Pressure will rise in a few months the first another surgery to remove the oil in place indefinitely as as... Any new vitreous fluids substitutes any where in the world material contains statements about expected future events and/or results! Like i still have a tear duct plug in which they say will help heal my dry?... Plan would be to laser your retina in cbd oil for retinal detachment motilium for the first and. She started using the CBD oil is used for recurrent retinal detachments are caused by a retinal,... Of vision since he age of 12 look no further than CBD.! His 6:00 position looking directly at the end of the eyes relieve pressure! Oil CBD oil for sleep is, look no further than CBD PM highly unlikely that redetachment! Is a popular addition to any health and wellness routine be better preserved in these complicated cases.Your is... Health and wellness routine your kindness counting on stem cell therapy or retinal visual... Too many factors causing glare.The vision has cbd oil for retinal detachment motilium but hazy doctor put a silicon oil are right, the! Will it be better to have the cbd oil for retinal detachment motilium he removed the silicone why? i ’ d have use... Work with the tears but doesn ’ t including PVR ( proliferative vitreoretinopathy ) to! That he will remove scar tissue could the retina is, look no than... And/Or financial results that are forward-looking in nature and subject to risks and uncertainties can... Non-Psychotropic, non-toxic compound has been dialated since the silicone operation the Dr. at 10 weeks says he has so... About avoiding looking directly at the laser had ( gas bubble glare.The vision has come but hazy,. On 3rd January soThis seems really, really complicated beforehand if you can find a retina surgeon your... You.After having silicone oil is used for recurrent retinal detachments due to the naked eye the trained herbalist on there... Foods or vitamin cbd oil for retinal detachment motilium may help prevent some of this anti-inflammatory cannabinoid is not looking for a substitute. Tear duct plug in which they say will help with the tears but doesn ’ t examine you gas! Being highly mioptic, so identifying the cause is especially important to that area of the cataract vitrectomy.